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Skilled Representation For Employees In Disputes

At McBride Law Offices, P.C., the primary focus of our practice is on representing executives and employees with legal issues related to employment or prospective employment. Whether you are an employee whose rights have been violated, or you are an employer facing complex litigation, our firm can help.

Attorney Matthew L. McBride III has considerable litigation experience representing aggrieved employees of Fortune 500 companies in a range of complex employment and commercial matters. While Mr. McBride understands that litigation may be necessary to resolve an employment dispute, his definition of success revolves around identifying his client’s goals and achieving them quickly and effectively.

If litigation is necessary, however, he is always prepared to advocate on his client’s behalf.

If You Have…

  • Already filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Human Rights Commission and have been presented with a settlement offer or need to litigate the case in state or federal court; or
  • Been accused of wrongdoing or a breach of fiduciary duty by your employer for any reason; or
  • Been threatened or received any adverse employment action (fired, demoted, poor performance review) due to your reporting or threatening to report illegal activity at your place of employment; then

Our law firm can help. Matthew L. McBride III, owner and principal attorney of McBride Law Offices, P.C., possesses specialized knowledge and experience in these areas of the law and regularly negotiates and litigates against the largest law firms and employers on behalf of its clients.

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